The design project includes the following documentation:



  • Photorealistic rendering of the main premises;


  • Measurement plan (current situation);
  • Redevelopment plan with the binding of internal walls and plumbing outlets;
  • Plan of premises with furniture;
  • Plan of the ceiling geometry (if necessary);
  • Plan of the ceiling with location of lights and switches;
  • Plan of premises with binding of electrical appliances and sockets;
  • Plan of floor coverings with the layout of tiles or patterned coating;
  • Elevations of the walls with a pattern of coating (bathrooms, other rooms if needed);
  • Drawings of the doors;
  • Drawings of furniture, built-in cabinets, wardrobe filling;
  • Drawings of other elements, which are produced to individual order (stairs, railings, stained glass windows, walls etc.);


  • Table of premises decoration with the selection of finishing materials;
  • Selection and specification of inner doors;
  • Selection and specification of furniture;
  • Selection and specification of plumbing;
  • Selection and specification of lamps;
  • Selection and specification of radiators;
  • Selection and specification of equipment for electrical installation (sockets, switches);
  • Description – stylistic solution, colour spectrum, decor, etc.