1. What are you doing? Who are you? What do you offer?

We are the interior design studio KONCEPCIJA. The head of the studio is the designer Natalia Mitina. We offer our services in developing the projects of architecture and interior design.

2. How long does the company exist?

The studio exists since 2007.

3. What are your most notable projects?

  • New corporate identity for the chain stores Fuji Film
  • Nightclub Godvil
  • Spa Center of the Baltic beach Hotel in Jurmala
  • LOTA shoe store in Ventspils

4. What are the deadlines of a design project?

Deadlines are very individual. They depend on the size and complexity of the object and also on how quickly and harmoniously a client and a designer find solutions and agree on options. In general, according to our experience the design of a small flat takes about 2 months, in the case of a private house the design phase can take about 4 months. However, all can be discussed – if the customer for some reason needs to complete the object in a very short time – we will find a way to adjust to the desired graph.

5. Do you carry out architecture, landscape design, design of web pages, business cards, signs, storefronts?

We are engaged in interior design and architecture, furniture design. Landscape design is not our profile, but we have designers and architects, with whom we collaborate and can recommend them to you. As regards web design, printing design and advertising, as well as the design of showcases and exhibition stands, we are not doing it.

6. Do you sign a contract?

Yes, we have a standard contract for the project of a building’s architecture or design project of premises. The example of the contract will be sent to you upon request by e-mail or regular mail.

7. Is it possible to work on a project, which is outside Latvia?

Yes, we can work with an object outsideLatvia, such work is called a remote work. We have the experience of similar objects inRussia and EU. On the terms of this work it is better to talk in more details with the head of the studio.

8. What are the manufacturers and suppliers you work with?

We work with the leading vendors inRiga, such as Reaton, Ambergs, Trentini, Parketa names, Hals trading, Plaza and many others. A detailed list of our partners is available on our website in “Our Partners”.

9. Do you have your own team of builders?

We basically do not work with own builders, as it allows us in all conflicts and disputes to remain on the customer’s side. During the construction and repair works such situations occur rater frequently (relative to the additional volume of work or alterations), and we prefer to defend the interests of our client. The designers, which are working in partnership with the construction team, naturally defend the interests of their business partners – perhaps, to the detriment of the client.

10. Do you make artistical paint of the walls?

No, but we work with several companies and private artists, who can perform such work according to our or their designs.

11. Do you make furniture on an individual project?

We develop a furniture design on the individual order both for the interior design projects and separately. Also, if it is necessary, we “carry” the order up to its implementation – contact with the manufacturer, send drawings, accept materials and colours, find accessories.

12. Do you decorate the furniture, lamps?

In rare cases we do it ourselves, but more often we prefer to entrust our partners.

13. What is supervision and why is it needed?

Author’s supervision the designer carries out jointly with the customer, monitoring compliance of construction works with the design project. For this purpose there are required several visits to the site. In this case the designer is not responsible for the quality of construction works, but only for their compliance with the project. However, when the designer has detected a defect or poor quality of works, he, of course, puts the customer aware of this.

14. Is visualization included in the cost of the project?

Yes, in our studio visualization is included in the total cost of the project. However, if you think that you do not need it, you can refuse this service with a corresponding decrease in the total price for the project.