The main activity of the studio is the interior design. We develop both the projects of residential interiors (apartments, private houses, country houses) and commercial facilities (hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, night clubs). The great advantage of the project of interior design is the high degree visualization f photorealism allowing you to see in advance what will be your home decor. A complete set of drawings will reduce the number of alterations during the repair. And the qualified help of the designer in selecting materials and equipment will significantly save your time. We are conducting our objects up to the last stage – the decoration and the implementation of the project into a reality by 100%.

The interior of an apartment

It does not matter, a small apartment or large, it is located in a newly constructed building or in a historic building – a project of interior design will help you to fill your house with taste and style. And also will save your time spent on the selection of materials, furniture, lighting and on communication with the builders. The task of the design project – to help you in your hard and long process of repair.

The interior of a private house

When designing the interior design of the private homes, it is important to begin this process as soon as possible. This will help to correct the errors at an early stage in the architecture of the building and to avoid the cost of re-planning. Ideally both the architectural design and the interior design of private houses should be developed in tandem of the architect and the designer, or even better – by one specialist.

The restaurant’s interior

The success of the restaurant, as you know, rests on three “elephants” – the delicious food, the high class service and the comfortable interior. We completely solve all the issues related to the design of the restaurant, paying special attention to lighting and acoustics. These two factors are often not taken into account, reducing the entire interior to effective and spectacular finishing materials and beautiful furniture. However, the wrong solution of lighting can completely ruin the visual effect of both the interior and the food served. The correctly selected light and acoustic properties of materials will help to create in the restaurant premises a soft and relaxing environment.

The interior of a store

Perhaps nowhere is ergonomics of the space so important, as in the interior of the store. The proper placement of goods and easy access to them – the main key to the success of the store. However, the good lighting is equally important – in the interior of the store it cannot be too much. The interior design is very important to keep the shop on the edge – the interior shall not attract more attention than the products, but at the same time it shall remain vivid and memorable.

The interior of the office

When designing the interior of the office two important aspects shall be taken into account – the impression the office makes to the company’s clients, and the comfortable working conditions for employees. The principal means by which you can achieve this – the colours and the lighting. Correctly chosen colour scheme, and interior lighting will not only improve the efficiency of staff, but also will create a spectacular interior, showing a confident position of your company in the market.

The interior of a hotel

The hotel premises are party residential ones but they have a significant representative role. The Hotel lobby, the lobby bar and other facilities for public use shall not only look gorgeous, but also shall meet the status of the hotel. The finishing materials are of great importance, they shall suite the commercial areas having high load. The use of such materials will permanently preserve the freshness and high-class interior.

Our studio is also engaged in architectural design of private houses and commercial objects. We develop a complete architectural project for approval and construction. We also keep contacts with the designers of utilities (water supply and sewerage, heating, electricity) and we provide the supervision of our facilities.