Myths about interior design

No one except me knows how I want to live.

Certainly, no one can tell you how you want to live. But to advise the best ways how to realize your plans and dreams, how to make your home a harmonious, comfortable and cozy space – then the designer come in handy. Because he has some specific knowledge (ergonomics, the notion of composition, colour psychology, the theory of light), he knows the styles of interior, market of decoration materials, understands the technical details. The designer will create the sketches of the future interior, according to which you can see whether you will feel comfortable and cozy in your new home. The task of the designer – to design not only and not so much the interior, as the impression it will make on the house owner and his guests.

I have a good taste, I can design the interior myself.

Many people have good taste, but not all. Not many have the courage to say themselves, “I have bad taste.”
But this is not required! Interior designer differs primarily with specialized knowledge and skills, ability to work in this area. Especially because the taste – it’s a delicate matter, here is important not so much the existence of taste, as the coincidence of taste of the customer and the designer.

Design project – it is very expensive, I can not afford it.

Yes, the services of an interior designer cost certain money. However, the creation of a design project before you start repair work will save you a considerable amount of money during repairs. You will see if the colour of the walls looks good even before you buy the paint and use it. Calculating the necessary amount of material will allow you not to pay for the extra square meters and kilograms. You will be relieved of alterations, which are inevitable in the course of repair without design project. Yes, and it will be much easier to give tasks to the builders and repairers giving them the drawings, rather than explaining on the fingers.

I can get a free designer advice in a salon or shop.

Free cheese, as you know, happens only in a mousetrap. Designer services in salons are not free, just the price for them is included in the price of the material, which you are buying. But the designer in the salon is not developing the project of your home, as a whole. He can not give you much time, unlikely he would be able to get deep and individual approach to each client. Besides, such a designer is primarily interested that you bought the materials in this store. He is limited with the choice, which gives his salon. At the same time at another salon you can find something more suitable to you in style, price or quality.

I have to buy expensive designer furniture, plumbing, painting and decorating materials.

The development of a design project is a joint work of the designer and the customer. The customer at all stages controls and directs the designer ideas. He can pre-specify the budget, which the designer must meet, or during the development of the project indicate the furniture or decoration, which are not suitable for him due to their price. The designer can offer you expensive furniture or plumbing, but can not force you to buy it. In this case you can jointly find a compromise – a cheaper analog of the design suitable to the general concept of the design project.

I do not want to pay for a design that I may not like.

With a professional approach to the development of a design project the result simply can not fail to please the customer – because it is born in numerous consultations, discussions, co-browsing catalogs, magazines and samples. If the designer qualitatively and professionally carries out his work, and the customer treats the design seriously and thoughtfully, then the result of their collaboration is to be the design of premises, which most closely matches the needs and preferences of the customer.
In addition, the work over the project is performed in stages. And at each step it requires the acceptance of decisions by the customer. If the solution does not meet the taste of the customer, the consent will not be received, and the work on this stage of design will be continued.