Why do I need an interior designer?

You can sew a dress yourself – but ordered in a sewing workshop, it will be of much higher quality. You can get a haircut yourself – but a hairdresser will make it better. You can compile a contract, power of attorney or other document yourself – but the lawyer will make it much more correctly and efficiently.

Professional services not only free you from time consuming, they certainly provide a higher quality result, reduce your chances for error and save your money.

A designer is first of all a professional. So, he has the appropriate education, knowledge, and experience. You must learn this profession, like any other, for many years, and after graduation a designer continues to receive new information, develop professionally, learn. Secondly, every designer is to some degree a psychologist. He helps the customers to disclose their nature and express it in the interior, and sometimes to adjust certain features – for example, with the help of colour in interior design to “calm down” an over-aggressive personality, or by using textiles and decor to create a sense of comfort and security and to help a nervous person to relax. A designer examines the customer’s lifestyle and basing on this information develops an individual image of premises, what makes life more convenient and comfortable, and sometimes help to save money. In addition, the designer is an artist and, therefore, on the most ordinary things he can have an unordinary look. Very often, looking at the designer’s work people say, “I would not have even thought about it” or “I could not even imagine it.” This is the indication of designer thinking focused on the implementation of certain tasks. This does not mean that the “ordinary” people have no taste. Just their way of thinking is not geared to deal with such problems, they have a different sphere of activities. This is partly a matter of education and experience, and partly – a vocation and talent. But talent, as you know, everyone has his own.