Дизайн интерьера ресторана DECADANCE
DECADANCE restaurant

Interior design for restaurant DECADANCE


The project included the design of a restaurant with a main hall and banquet room in the existing industrial building. The building of frame design concept, where the carriers are the only columns and girders, made it easy to plan the space, placing all necessary facilities. This is a banquet hall for 10 persons, the main hall of the restaurant for 60 seats, lounges, dressing room, male and female toilets, a kitchen and auxiliary facilities. The total area is 400 m2.

Interior concept

The restaurant was to be amazing, and the interior to be something completely new and unusual. We have chosen a pseudo-Gothic style with elements of baroque and glamorous. With plasterboard arches there were simulated the arches of a Gothic cathedral, the windows are also in the shape of the arches. Finishing materials were also selected according to the concepts – glossy granite and carpeting on the floor, decorative plaster on the walls and ceiling, and textile panels on the walls in the banquet hall. Furniture was chosen luxury both in the form with carved barocco elements and buttons Capito, and finishing, where we used the velvet and gilding.

Color solution for the interior

The basis of the color solution is a bold combination of green and violet, which gives the interior eastern flavor and feeling of luxury. In the interior there is also used a lot of gold (in furniture, decorative plaster and decoration) and a bit of black in the material of the floor and door trim. Toilets are also in a range of green and violet, but of more subtle shades. In the women’s toilet the walls are pale lilac, and floor and ceiling of light green color but in the male toilet vice versa.


In the interior there is used unusual lighting mede by Dutch company Quasar. Above the tables in the main hall and bar the fixtures with optical fiber create the effect of golden rain. In the hallways very unusual chandeliers with suspensions of gold plates continue the idea of a vaulted ceiling. In the toilets there are used luminous countertopsmade of artificial stone and bold fixtures in the form of cranes from the walls of the company Wever & Ducre.